E Grand Avenue Complete Streets Conversion

Grand Avenue from 2nd Avenue to E Pennsylvania Avenue


The E Grand Avenue Complete Streets Conversion Project is a Connect Downtown pilot project. The goal of the project is to provide better access for all users (pedestrians, transit uses, bicyclists, and vehicles) while also increasing safety for everyone. Safety is improved by reducing vehicle travel lanes, enhancing pavement markings with colored and more visible markings, and improving pedestrian crossings at intersections. These changes are expected to lower vehicle speeds and make the corridor more desirable for all users.
Protected bike lanes are different from conventional bike lanes where the bike lanes are placed along the curb and protected from vehicle traffic. It is the first of its kind in the City of Des Moines. This project is meant to be constructed with low-cost, temporary improvements to give the City time to see how the concept functions. This trial period also allows the public to get used to new configuration and provide valuable feedback to the City on what works and what doesn’t. The hope is after the pilot program (approximately 2 years), a more permanent solution with raised median, landscaping, and more durable pavement markings can be completed.
The E Grand Avenue Complete Streets Conversion Project will reconfigure the existing lane layout of three traffic lanes (2-WB, 1 EB), a westbound bike lane, and curb parking on both sides. The new configuration will include 1 traffic lane in each direction, parallel parking on both sides, a 3’ painted buffer lane, and protected bicycle lanes in either direction. The bike lanes will be along the curbs to completely separate the bike lane from the vehicle traffic. The intersections will include painted medians with vertical delineator poles to provide a better protected crossing for bicyclists and pedestrians. The corridor will also include green conflict zone markings to notify drivers of the presence of bicyclists. Bus stops will include raised islands for increased visibility.
The project will be constructed in 2 phases. The first phase will be from Robert D. Ray Drive to E Pennsylvania Avenue. This project will include a weekend closure for contractors to apply a thin pavement overlay (fog seal) to provide a uniform base and make the new pavement markings more visible. After the weekend closure the remaining pavement markings, vertical delineators, and bus stop improvements will be completed. Based on the signed contract, the Contractor will have 2 weeks to complete this work. Parking along Grand Avenue will be restricted throughout the duration of this first phase.
The remaining work from Robert D. Ray Drive across the Grand Avenue Bridge to 2nd Avenue will be completed with the Bridge Project. This portion of the project will connect to the existing bike lanes along Grand Avenue and provide a continuous westbound bike lane from the Pappajohn Sculpture Park to the State Capitol. For more information on the Grand Avenue Bridge project please refer to the project page here.


July 10 2017 Contract Award
August 10, 2017 Anticipated Construction Start
August 11-13, 2017 Weekend Construction Closure
August 25, 2017 Phase 1 (Robert D Ray – Penn Ave) Completed
Fall 2017 Phase 2 (2nd Ave – Robert D Ray) Completed


• Press Release on E Grand Complete Streets
Council Workshop Presentation
Protected Intersections for Bicyclists


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